Facts to note about Habitat New Flower Homes

Facts to note about Habitat
New Flower Homes

Habitat New Flower Homes is a renowned and reputable estate
company in Ethiopia, the land of 13 Months of Sunshine, which has gained
prominence and trust on the soils of the land over the years. With a country
led by a woman, the country has attracted many investors over the years and
most of the investments have yielded greater results in the country. Estate
development and management is not just a business as it requires much
dedication and a sense of responsibility. 

Many do start this business but few
can break through the barriers of hardships and unpredictable markets
of the Ethiopian estate industry. One of the estate companies that has been
part of the few who have strived to be successful in the country is Habitat New
Flower Homes. They have been able to establish themselves as one of the leading
players in the real estate market in Ethiopia. In this article, we will discuss
more Habitat New Flower Homes, their policies and services as well as why
they are regarded as one of the best estate companies in Ethiopia by

Habitat New Flower Homes was established in 2005 by a visionary
and hardworking entrepreneur called Mr. John Doe. He was obsessed with
beautiful designs and considering the nature of real estate development and
management in Ethiopia, he ventured into this business in 2005, setting it up
with the vision of providing beautiful and well-designed homes to the good
people of Ethiopia. They have close to two decades’ experience in the estate
industry and still counting. 

Since its establishment on the soil of the land,
it has played a major role with its services alongside other prominent estate
companies on the land to change the landscape of the Ethiopian estate industry.
Let us look at some of the services and policies offered by Habitat New Flower
Homes, which would help us determine whether it is actually one of the best in
the industry or not.

Habitat New Flower Homes offers a diverse range of
comprehensive estate services in the industry. Their services have been a
testament to many of their customers since these services are satisfactory,
affordable, and quality as well. These services include interior design,
residential properties, commercial properties, and management of properties. 

Interior designs are one of their priority services since the founder was
someone who was in love with designs and so they have integrated that into
their services. They can put up interior designs and decorations which
leaves customers in awe. It is their role and so they execute that with much

Habitat New Flower Homes also provides residential property
services which is almost every estate company’s priority. But the question is,
who does it better, and whose services are mostly patronized by the people? Habitat
New Flower Homes had good plans of providing affordable houses in the country
right from its time of establishment. These houses despite being cheap come
with a lot of quality as well. 

They are also capable of managing properties that
are even at the peak of collapsing. People who do not have knowledge about
property management are open to contracting Habitat New Flower Homes to manage
their properties for them which would eventually yield a good result.
Businesses and organizations are not exempted from the services of Habitat New
Flower Homes as they provide well-built offices and business apartments for
businesses that need relocation or perhaps need a place to operate.

Habitat New Flower Homes is into quality construction and
all their products are testified to be quality. They are not profit-driven even
though their services earn them some profit but they believe in first
delivering quality which would naturally attract good customers.  Their customer service is exceptional as they
study the psychology of humans and know how to deal with each and every customer
to the latter’s satisfaction and want to do business again with them. They
work with high professionals who have in-depth knowledge and expertise about
estate development and management.

Now to the question in the introduction, ‘Why is Habitat New
Flower Homes seen as one of the best estate companies in Ethiopia?’ This
according to our team from estatewiki-africa has already been answered with the
services and policies the company operates with including their transparency
and good customer care.

They do offer interior design consultations as an extra role
for their customers who need interior design services. This would help
customers save costs because they wouldn’t have to go elsewhere to find an
interior designer who would definitely charge more than the company charges.

Reputation, Habitat New Flower Homes are
synonymous with a reputation in the Ethiopian industry as they have exposed
themselves as a trustworthy estate company to the people of the land of 13
months of sunshine.

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