Information about Sunshine Investment Group of Ethiopia

Information about Sunshine Investment Group of Ethiopia

The world’s advancement and technological progress has brought about a lot of positive impacts in various countries in Africa. It is wonderful considering how African countries have been able to adapt to the changing and evolving nature of economic, political, and social development including infrastructure. 

Ethiopia is one of these African countries that has witnessed a lot of developmental projects in this era due to outsiders’ investments in the country. One prominent business that most foreigners and even big indigenes of the land of 13 Months of Sunshine Ethiopia invest in is estate development and management. 

This has paved the way for many estate companies to get grounds on the soil of Ethiopia, the only African country with a different calendar. Do you know that as of 2023, Ethiopia is still in 2016? Well, that is one unique thing about the good people of Ethiopia. Now back to the estate companies in Ethiopia, many of them are working very hard to ensure most Ethiopians get places to sleep or even call their homes with affordability. 

One of these prominent companies is Sunshine Investment Group which is the subject matter of this article. In this article, we will discuss Sunshine Investment Group, its services and policies, and other relevant information about this estate group in Ethiopia. 

Being one of the oldest estate companies in the whole of Africa, Sunshine Investment Group has been active in Ethiopia since 1984 when it was founded by Ato Gebreyesus Igata, an energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneur in Ethiopia to provide decent and affordable housing units for the people of the land of 13 months of Sunshine, Ethiopia. 

Since its establishment, Sunshine Investment Group has grown to become one of the successful estate service providers and has completed a lot of commercial and residential projects in the country. It is one of the estate companies that has been a role model for many estate companies in Ethiopia that have gained ground in the country. Their services are a testament to why they are regarded as one of the most experienced and humanistic estate companies in the country.

Sunshine Investment Group keeps improving its services to customers on a timely basis. They understand the cost of living for many Ethiopians and so they always tend to adjust their services to meet the strength and capabilities of the people. Some of their current services include commercial properties, residential properties, land acquisition, property management, and road construction. 

As stated earlier, Ato Gebreyesus Igata who is the founder of this reputable company had the core vision of providing decent and affordable housing projects for the people, and over the years, the company has been able to achieve much of this vision. They provide customers with quality housing properties of any type ranging from a single user to a family or luxurious apartment. 

The company also offers commercial property services for the good people of Ethiopia. Many small businesses have been able to locate to a better place because of Ato Gebreyesus Igata’s commercial properties. This service provides office spaces and outlets for organizations, businesses, and groups that need a place to operate. 

Sunshine Investment Group is also into property management for property owners who are not able to make good sales of their properties. The specialized team at Sunshine Investment Group would take care of the properties and make sure there are good returns. They also offer road construction services and this is why they have good layouts at their project centers making it possible for cars to move to and fro from the various apartments. People can equally hire them for road construction services which is part of their services. 

Aside from all these services, Sunshine Investment Group is committed to delivering quality and affordable products for its customers. If other estate companies make their products very affordable, there is always a clue that the quality is not there but in the case of Sunshine Investment Group, the quality is there as well as the affordability. They operate with top-notch integrity and transparency which makes their customers feel very secure to enter into an agreement with them. For customer service, they are very good at that.

Is Sunshine Investment Group really one of the best estate companies in the land of Ethiopia? Others have come and gone but Sunshine Investment Group still exists after almost four decades and people, organizations, and businesses are still patronizing their products that should signal you that, estatewiki-africa’s findings are accurate and that, Sunshine Investment Group is actually one of the best in Ethiopia. 

Sunshine Investment Group offers other services such as laundry services, beauty services, and hospitality services as well.

Sunshine Investment Group has come to stay and not just to stay but to prove to the good people of Ethiopia that, they exist because of them. They are still doing very well in the estate market of Ethiopia. 

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