Know this about Chas Everitt of South Africa

Know this about Chas Everitt
of South Africa

The Rainbow Nation as it is popularly called has been one of the
favorite countries in Africa and globally to have witnessed rapid growth and
development in terms of infrastructure and housing. Do you know why? This is
because some prominent estate development and management companies were
fortunate to find grounds on the soils of South Africa. Many estate companies are operating in South Africa today. They have all contributed to the
nation’s infrastructural development and growth. 

However, some estate companies deserve more than praise and as they still operate, it would
be good for them to be acknowledged so that South Africans can make a good
choice whenever they want to select an estate company to work with or be a
consensus with. Chas Everitt is one of these estate companies in South Africa
that seems to be a standout amongst the rest. In this article, we will discuss Chas Everitt, their services and policies, and why estatewiki-africa
considers them to be one of the best estate companies in South Africa.

Chas Everitt was founded in 1980 by Charles (Chas)
Everitt. It began with humble grounds and as of now, it has evolved to be one
of the biggest in South Africa. It has over 100 offices across the country and
has employed over 1200 personnel. This is how far
Chas Everitt has come since it was established. 

It has over 40 years of experience in the estate market of South Africa and still counting. Their level
of professionalism, expertise, and commitment has earned them a great reputation in South Africa. For our readers to stand with us with the motion that, Chas
Everitt is one of the best estate companies in South Africa, let us delve into
their services and policies.

Chas Everitt offers different sorts of estate services which are all
valuable in the package. They offer residential sales services, property rentals,
commercial real estate, and property valuations. Residential sales are one of
the major services of Chas Everitt that has earned them the tag as one of the
estate companies that has assisted in the development and growth of South
Africa. They offer affordable housing projects to their clients in South

They believe that everybody has the right to own his or her dream
house and they are there to make that dream come to fruition. Ranging from
single apartments to luxurious apartments, Chas Everitt has established all
these kinds of projects in wait for their customers. 

They also offer property rental services. They know that not everyone is capable of purchasing an
already-built house and so, they have made provisions for their customers to be
able to rent any apartments of their choice. This has made it possible for many
monthly workers to have a good place to lay their heads in South Africa. 

real estate is one of their services as well. They do not only cater to
individual interests only, they also partner with businesses that need office
spaces and other business spaces. This has enabled many businesses to grow as
the locations of the commercial apartments offered by Chas Everitt are good
locations which would definitely make good returns. Even though they are into
selling, they also help people to sell their properties like houses. They assist
their customers to get a good price for their properties to put them out
for sale.

Chas Everitt works with a high level of professionalism and this is why
the company has its own work of ethics to guide its members to be on track.
They also have a high level of market expertise. They have been in the estate
industry for more than 40 years and they know the dynamics of the South African
estate market. Once you enter into an agreement with them to sell off your
property, there is nothing to worry about. 

No one would sign up with an estate company
that is disrespectful towards its customers and Chas Everitt is a direct
opposite of this scenario. They are known to be customer-centric thus they have
the customers at heart and they believe that their existence evolves around

Why is Chas Everitt considered to be one of the best estate companies in
the industry of South Africa? Well, they have a wealth of experience in the
business as they have been in existence for over 40 years as stated earlier.
They also have a wide range of offices all over the country which has made it
possible for customers to reach them face-to-face regardless of their location.
Notwithstanding, all the enlisted services and policies above do bear witness to
the fact that Chas Everitt is one of the best estate companies in South

Aside from the estate services offered by Chas Everitt, they also offer
insurance services for their customers as well. They also offer relocation
assistance to people who need relocation to somewhere else but housing has been
the challenge.

Chas Everitt cannot be left out when outlining the best estate companies
in the estate industry of the rainbow nation of South Africa. They have equally
contributed to the nation’s growth and development through their services. They
are a good choice for property management and residential sales partners.

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